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Stars'n Cacio

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Stars'N Cacio

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Stars'n Cacio
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Mikael RybergMikael Ryberg
04:31 29 Apr 24
Malena RocheMalena Roche
13:28 28 Apr 24
Absolutely fabulous dinner. Premium quality ingredients and a passionate owner/chef who you can tell puts a lot of care into the dishes. Italian cuisine meets Japanese seafood creating a love story. The scallops are a must try!Grazie mille Andrea!
Elyssa BoydElyssa Boyd
11:40 28 Apr 24
Fantastic food and ambiance! The owner is very friendly, and the food and drinks are excellent. I highly recommend the tagliatelle with sea urchin and lemon.I would also recommend making a reservation if going on a weekend at a busy time.
05:03 27 Apr 24
You come in, there’s good music, cute girl comes by to serve you a selection of amazing food, you eat amazing food, you pay and leave.10/10 hidden gem
R VaderR Vader
13:04 24 Apr 24
Lovely place. We already had dinner and only stopped here for cocktails, which where great! We will come back to enjoy the food soon 😉
Bryn WatkinsBryn Watkins
11:53 20 Apr 24
Food, Service and Atmosphere a 5. This is slightly on the expensive side given my experience of Japan over the past two weeks but credit to the owner who has his market clearly cornered, rent, sourcing ingredients and paying for good waiters doesn't come cheap but it does reflect in the price. You get what you pay for, the food doesn't let down, if I paid 3500JPY for a lasagne sized as it was, as opposed to 4000JPY that would probably be the 5 stars. You can't please everyone though right! Credit to owner and chef regardless!!!
Travis HegeTravis Hege
12:03 18 Apr 24
Such an amazing authentic Italian restaurant in Kyoto. After over a week in Japan and enjoying the great Japanese cuisine, we were desperate for a nice Western meal. And this hit the spot. INCREDIBLE food, ambience, cute decor and the most precious dog. The staff and Chef were superb. Highly recommend.
Justin MusickJustin Musick
12:10 05 Apr 24
We loved this Italian restaurant. Food was excellent, the atmosphere matched the Italian cuisine, service was exceptional. We had a balsamic glazed pork and homemade ravioli that compared to restaurants we visited in Italy. Wine selection was great....also they have a dog, so how can you beat that?
Laura DupontLaura Dupont
11:09 13 Feb 24
The food is EXCELLENT ! My chicken was so tender, crispy, and juicy in the same time 🤤 The hot chocolate for dessert was incredible, tasted so much chocolate with a creamy texture, awesome.Also, the decoration is so beautiful, and I love the music (like old french basics 🥰).
Roger ShanRoger Shan
11:55 30 Dec 23
Good customer service and the atmosphere is great. The important part for me is the quality of the food, quantity and price. The quantity and price does not match the quality of the food.It is very expensive and can be considered as a restaurant that only tourists can afford.I had a pasta and found that the flavour was average and the price did not justify the taste and the quantity.Room for improvement on the food side but the customer service and atmosphere was good.